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One of the services that Bolton Steel Structures offers is steel structural fabrication. Over the years, we have carefully crafted and perfected the best methods to create structural steel designs to ensure we produce a finished product that you can be proud of.

Bolton Steel Structures have two factories that span across 10,000 square feet, each with a specific purpose. This allows us to fine-tune every fabrication we make on-site to ensure that even the finest of details are perfectly met

What do we fabricate?

Our main workshop is dedicated to the fabrication of standard beam and column optimising transition and output. With an entire workspace specifically dedicated to this, our team are able to fabricate up to 50Te of steel members without much restriction.

Our team in the second factory assemble larger items, such as roof trusses and pipe bridges. The space is designed to increase efficiency, meaning you’re getting a high-quality steel fabrication in a timely manner.

Unrivalled Equipment

Our 10,000 square foot storage area is directly linked to each of our workshops. This is not only great logistically for mass production, but having such a large space in periphery of our workshops enables us to store materials and projects for close inspection prior to delivery.

Here at Bolton Steel Structures, we ensure each member of staff is trained to the highest standard to not only ensure compliance with industry regulations, but also to provide you, our clients with a structural steel fabrication that is exact to your specifications.

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